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Symlinking two Blogs

I am currently doing some organization to my blogs. Few weeks ago, after spending months struggling to work in Ubuntu 7.10, I learned about symbolic links. Then I thought this would be good for my project file management. Therefore I started to re-organize my project file structure to utilize symbolic links. One of the projects that uses symbolic link is the current wordpress theme.

Because I am writing two blogs in different languages, to reduce my work in maintaining to identical themes but in different languages, I have to make sure these two themes are in sync so that the appearance would not greatly differ (because most of the changes are done in the stylesheet files). But having to copy and paste the styles whenever I make changes to make sure both themes with identical appearance but different language is very tedious. Hence I added a symbolic link so that I do not have to copy and paste the stylesheets time. (however, I made some stupid mistakes while I was editing the theme files through openkomodo hence both themes are now in the same language, fixing)

Then I thought why don’t I use symbolic links so that I do not have to upload wordpress installation twice whenever there is an update to wordpress. Some may suggest switching to WPMU but I don’t think my problem needs to be solved using a WPMU installation. I have some experience in maintaining a WPMU and I know how troublesome it can be for a small blog like mine.

So now I am having two folders pointing to a single folder and a problem arises. How do I make them share a single wp-config.php file? My solution is to add a switch-case statement in the wp-config.php file to decide what configuration options to load depending on the host name. Another minor problem is with the permalink structure, currently i display post-id instead of post-title in my chinese blog, I have still no idea how to solve it, the worse case would be changing the permalink for this blog into the format used in my chinese blog.

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