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I have just re-started to find myself a job as my work in mybloggercon almost come to an end (after helping them to set up an April Fool Prank). I have sent some enquiry letters to apply for a job in web-development field mostly involves PHP. I prefer PHP over ASP.NET because I can have greater flexibilities in developing in PHP as what I experienced when I was developing my final year project.

I did not quite like ASP.NET when I took the course in Internet Programming. Probably the unit merely touches the surface of the power of ASP.NET but I still prefer PHP because every thing is not encapsulated. However, ASP.NET is great in the sense that it helps desktop application programmers to do web-development because the programmer can still double click on a control and then add in codes to model the behavior. Anyway, since I work in Gnome Environment most of the time, unless I install mono develop, I would not have a chance to do ASP.NET unless somehow I find myself a job for that.

This is also the reason why my new personal project will be written in PHP5 instead of ASP.NET. I have recently applied a free subversion hosting at unfuddle as my current web host does not offer subversion. The reason I start learning sub-version is because in this post, the author says,

The n00b way of updating files on your web host would be to FTP in and drag and drop / delete stuff. Doing it like this will quickly get you into a mess with a large site with many files – there’s the potential to forget to upload certain files, accidentally overwriting things you shouldn’t etc. Some FTP apps have a “sync” button that tries to solve this, but I don’t trust them; you’re still overwriting files that you can never get back. That’s not a good policy to have with the valuable data on your production server.

I quite agree with that as it happened when I was deploying my final year project online last year. Uploading the files online was one of the problems, and another one was to keep mine and Regina’s work in sync. We didn’t use revision control at the time because we thought we didn’t have enough time on learning it and it seems that we wasted more time in making sure we have the identical copy all the time.

However, I am still not being able to use subversion fully because my current web-host doesn’t allow me to use SSH. I will have to find a way later to deploy my personal project online.


Anyway, yesterday was a wonderful day as you an find jokes everywhere. Recently a lot of people seems to love Mr. Rick Astley and his “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video clip very much. I was told that youtube was linking all the featured videos to the music video clip yesterday (Rick Rolling). Digg on the other hand shows random mathematical symbols(some claimed each symbol represents a certain number of diggs) after a user diggs on the article.

My fellow bloggers were having fun as well as one of them claimed that their blog was being sold (in Chinese language) and there are also some saying that they have stopped blogging. As mentioned above, I helped mybloggercon to set up a joke (in Chinese language) claiming that we are filming a movie. Then I further rick rolled the visitors without them knowing that the song actually means. Besides that, I have recently just finished posting my short story and made an announcement that the story will be published. Some friends like Regina actually took it seriously, anyway, I will make a hardcopy for her as she wanted earlier before she flies back to Sandakan.

Hopefully I can get employed by the end of the month. 😀

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