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Webmail Checker Alpha for MeeGo Harmattan

After shifting all my instant messaging accounts to my Nokia N9, I stopped getting email alerts via Adium. Therefore, when I finally remember to check my mailboxes, they are already loaded with exploding amount of mails (mostly junk and newsletter though). I don’t fancy doing my email stuff with my device, and don’t feel like installing a webmail checker to my browser, hence this simple little script is written for my phone.

Just a quick review, there’s this event home screen available to allow posting of notifications, as well as notifications such as miss calls, messages, etc.

Harmattan event home screen

So I am trying to write a daemon, by copy and pasting some code from my previous failed project (failed because of the platform restriction, will discuss this in future), to periodically check some webmail providers (that I use) to check for unread mails. If there is a new mail, then a notification is posted to the event feed. Then, if the user taps on the feed item, a browser is then opened to load the mobile webmail page.

The daemon that I have right now is very much a proof of concept, and it currently only supports Gmail. The way it checks mail is very much the same as this. The next milestone of this small project is to make it use the accounts manager properly to store the credentials.

The script is currently hosted at bitbucket, and since this is very much a proof-of-concept, so there’s no package made available for download. The package can be built using Qt Creator though. Some drawbacks of current state is that it depends on the settings app to store the username and password for now, and will be wiped off whenever the package is reinstalled.

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