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Quick HACK 2: Connect to Internet Shortcut

A really sweet new feature in the recently released update is the ability to change lockscreen shortcut. Unfortunately there is no easy way to change connection with my Jolla unlike my old Nokia N9 (no pun intended). As I have not been using my N9 for quite some time, I was only reminded when I came across this thread on TMO.

After some tinkering with dbus, I somehow managed to find the dbus method call to launch the dialog. For this, we will need developer access to the system (might polish this for general usage in future, but for now it is a hack and WILL break the phone if one have no idea about the following steps). This will be easier to do with a computer (via ssh) rather than on the device itself, unless, of course you have a keyboard OH.

First run devel-su to continue as root. Then create a new .desktop file in /usr/share/applications with whatever editor you fancy.

# vi /usr/share/applications/settings-connect-internet.desktop

Then paste in the following configuration.

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=invoker --single-instance --type=silica-qt5 /usr/bin/jolla-settings
Comment=Jolla Settings

If everything is done properly, a new icon should appear in the launcher (appears the same with the stock settings application). This new “app” will be then available in the System>Shortcut configuration applet.

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