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Re-organizing my MacVim configuration

It is very difficult to like the way vim handle plugins by default, so I was really thrilled to find out about pathogen when a geek I followed tweeted about it. It took me some time to actually re-organize my current configuration to this new format. Then I thought why not reorganize my .vimrc as well, as my current version looks a bit cryptic after a while.

So I have updated my .vimrc to something like this (link shows the diff). It is now a lot more elaborative, so whenever I need to change the settings I know what I am doing without having to refer to the documentation.

Hg-git is a great tool to enable Mercurial to work with git repositories. I know I should be picking up git but I still find myself liking Mercurial for now. So with pathogen around, I decided to install plugins in the right way by setting up proper sub-repositories. However, the problem comes when I was trying to push my changes. Apparently Mercurial will attempt to check with all repositories to decide whether to push changes. However, this is a problem when I do not have changes in the sub-repositories, and I do not have access to those repositories. So, according to one of the proposed solution to this problem posted at stackoverflow, I needed to fall back using an older version of Mercurial where there was no sub-repository support, and I ended up pushing my changes using version 1.2.1.

Another discovery while updating my configuration is that apparently there’s a transparency option for MacVim. So if one is using MacVim, to achieve the gorgeous transparency effect, just put this in .vimrc

" Set transparency for MacVim
if has("gui_macvim")
    set transparency=15

I sort of like the current state of my MacVim right now. Will see how it works when I get this set of settings on a linux machine.

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