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Adding a new settings applet for my daemon

This is basically a small incremental update to my script published here. For some reason, the previous version of the script didn’t really work, so this release should fix the problem. Besides fixing the problem where the daemon did not actually launched at start up, I have added a settings applet for this script as well.

Don’t feel like going the more complicated route, so I decided to just create a very simple applet using xml declaration. So I started with this documentation, and then followed the example given here.

The settings applet for the script looks like this

Restricted mode toggler

Switching the toggle on will stop the daemon from changing the ‘Allow background connections’ switch as I would sometimes need the data network to stay on for whatever reason. So I suppose this is a useful feature to have. Don’t ask me why the settings start in the middle of the screen, I have no idea, and I don’t care as long as it is working.

Again, the final product can be downloaded here, and there will be no support or whatsoever if you decided to install this. So install at your own risk, but you can still leave me comments here if you found problems. I have tested this on PR1.2, not sure if this would work for PR1.1 though.

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