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Some status updates

There are a lot of things I want to post to both here and my personal blogs. However I was sucked into sanctuary for the most of last month. I guess after a month of playing, it is probably time to slowly resume my personal projects.

There are a lot of exciting new things happening in the last few years. Composer for PHP is being one of them. It is nice to slowly discover the conveniences composer brought to PHP project management. Managing PHP libraries (packages?) is becoming so easy that I am now considering to migrate all my existing code to it.

Seeing how flexible it would be makes me think of splitting the libraries in parts. So instead of having a huge library containing everything (my files, database etc.), I am thinking of splitting them each into small projects.

For this purpose I have created a team at bitbucket. I will start pushing things there when I restart my postgrad project.

The motivation behind this is actually from work. For readability purpose, I am not really allowed to code in (pseudo-)functional style. Besides that, I am also slowly switching to Python at work (which is another reason why functional programming is not so favorable).

Besides that I am going to resume my 4clojure game as well. I have just reset my clojure environment for this. Just as PHP, there are a lot of updates since my last experience with it. It feels nice to actually get to learn something new again.

I learn a great deal about CDN at work and is still constantly finding new things about it. Need to find some time to actually transfer some notes from my personal wiki at work here.

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