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New directory structure

While the previous file structure works well, I decided to tune some details before deploying the latest WordPress release. Besides that, I also started a new theme development project after my last theme which was developed more than 2 years ago. Thankfully, everything seems to work so far.

The main reason behind the re-organization of files is to stop putting everything together within wp-content folder. As I am using SVN to manage my WordPress files, I feel more secured if I have less files changed / modified / added to my working copy. The previous structure was designed to store everything, including things are not meant to be shared among sites (installations) like attachments within wp-content folder.

Besides, although putting in everything within the same wp-content folder sounds like a good idea, but what if I want to create yet another new site (installation) for somebody which I don’t feel like sharing plugins and themes to this new site? After digging in the codex for some time, I found this guide that guides me how to further customize WordPress folder path very useful.

So the structure for a site now looks like this

|-scripts/ < - where I store my shared scripts
|-|-wordpress/ <- my wordpress, obviously
|-|-|-www/ <- my wordpress working copy
|-|-|-content/ <- new wp-content folders
|-|-|-|-site-id/ <- new wp-content folders for $site_id
|-public_html/ <- my public folder, links to /scripts/wordpress/www
|-|-wp-site/ <- new wp-content folder, links to /scripts/wordpress/content/site-id

So now visitors of this blog should not be able to view attachment for my other blogs.

The deployed new theme in development is actually my current weekend project. As you can see, there's no color scheme being applied to it at the moment. I am now focusing on completing the basic features and the basic template files before being able to further customizing the color scheme.

Just in case if anyone is interested in this new theme, it can actually be forked via my bitbucket repository. I have not actually decide what license to be used, but most probably GPL as WordPress would probably requires. If there's any problem regarding this new theme, please do not hesitate to post a bug report @ the issue tracker.

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