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Gotta start working

After delaying for quite some time, I think I should start the project before I get bored with it. The project will be either hosted on this current domain ( at least for now and will probably move to another domain if needed. The site will be either a blog aggregator or just a simple article submission site that works kinda like digg / reddit, however, to be promoted to the frontpage the submission would have to impress the opposite group.

Yes, you heard it right, the user will be divided into groups as soon as they are registered to the site. Whenever he/she submits something to the site, the other group will have to decide whether it should be promoted to the front page. To define this site in a question, that would be ‘Why the opposite group should vote up my article?’.

The project will be built using PHP+MySQL (I like postgreSQL, but it is difficult to find a host offering postgreSQL 8.x, expecially in Malaysia), for front-end logic, it would probably be built using either Prototype/jQuery (I use YUI at work but it is too heavy for a small project like this although I like YUI a lot). As I am not a fan of convention over configuration, so the project will not built upon those rails-inspired framework. Therefore, I will be using Zend Framework and Doctrine to do some of the work.

Besides what the framework provides, I would also have to develop some components if they are not available in ZF. In a check list, they would be:

  • Form widget generation library (I think Zend has this already)
  • FSM-based workflow

And the remaining tasks in the to-do list are

  • Find a better local webhost
  • Draft the initial database structure
  • Cleanup my svn repo in unfuddle
  • Site design
  • Decide whether to use OpenId (recently became an option to me after seeing how it is implemented in stackoverflow) / self developed login mechanism

The initial version of the site will be in chinese (so why should I bother to write this post in english???) and if everything goes well the site will be eventually offering more languages. So beginning this week, there will be at least one post on the update of the project on both this blog and my other blog.

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