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Maintaining State with jQuery Event

Maintaining state in Javascript is not too difficult once you catch the idea. However, as I am not a super brilliant programmer, it takes me some time to find a way to maintain state as YUI Event does in jQuery.

I like grouping relevant functions into a class as it makes code easier to manage (for me, as there may be better ways. As I just recently found out how prototyping inheritance works, it is possible that the discovery may change the way I code in future), therefore the scope of event handler functions is very important. Making the scope (value/reference of this) to the DOM element listened to the event does not help in accessing the shared data so I needed a way to change that behavior.

To solve the problem, a small derivation of the previously discussed delegate function will come in useful.

 * Simulating YUI Event with jQuery
(function($) {
EventHandler = function(_method, _scope) {
    var _argument = {};
    if(arguments.length > 2) {
        _argument = arguments[2];
    // jquery default event callback format
    return function(_event) {
        // this = DOM element
        return, _event, this, _argument);
var Foo = function() {
    var bar_handler = function(_event, _element) {
    var foo_handler = function(_event, _element, _extra_argument) {
    (function() {
        $('#foo').click(EventHandler(foo_handler, this, 'foo'));
        $('#bar').click(EventHandler(bar_handler, this));
var foo = new Foo();

That basically wraps up what I found these couple of days, if I manage to dig some time, the next post should be focused on prototypical inheritance.

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