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Learning a new language for more than 2 months (feat. Exercism)

Parallel letter frequency

Finally some sort of concurrency/parallelism code. However that means lifetime management is going to bite really hard if you are not careful (and not using crates that improves quality of life).

use std::collections::HashMap;
use std::sync::mpsc;
use std::thread;

pub fn frequency(input: &[&str], worker_count: usize) -> HashMap<char, usize> {
    if input.len() == 0 {
        return HashMap::new();

    let (tx, rx) = mpsc::channel();

        .chunks((input.len() as f64 / worker_count as f64).ceil() as usize)
        .for_each(move |chunk| {
            let ttx = mpsc::Sender::clone(&tx);
            let chunk = chunk.iter().map(|&x| String::from(x)).collect::<Vec<_>>();

            thread::spawn(move || {
                chunk.iter().for_each(|sentence| {
                            .filter(|x| x.is_alphabetic())
                            .fold(HashMap::new(), |mut current, incoming| {
                                *current.entry(incoming).or_insert(0) += 1;

    rx.iter().fold(HashMap::new(), |result, incoming| {
            .fold(result, |mut current, (key, count)| {
                *current.entry(key).or_insert(0) += count;

Strangely I don’t really see much performance improvement on my computer, perhaps because docker or other stuff is constantly running which takes a lot of CPU time. However it seems to work at my mentor’s end so I guess this is it, my first piece of concurrency code in Rust. The way it works, at least for this example reminds me of Go channel and a little bit of go routine though. Not too interested in digging further to figure out how it really works, I am picking up this language for fun (:

My mentor told me that crossbeam and rayon seems to be able to fix my struggle with the lifetime so I can avoid writing code that practically does nothing but cloning in line 16.

There will be async/await being introduced in the future, which I suppose is similar to asyncio/coroutine in Python 3. I suppose that would be more similar to how goroutine works.

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