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MVC : Me vs. CodeIgniter


While my static pages and site theme is still under construction, I went to to see how to work with it and played the tutorial screencasts. The reason behind in considering CodeIgniter (CI) to be used in my next project is because I don’t feel like re-inventing the wheel. However to port my current project to use CI may cause some problems as there are differences in how we implement MVC structure.

Model-View-Controller Architecture

Quoted from Java BluePrints:

The model represents enterprise data and the business rules that govern access to and updates of this data. Often the model serves as a software approximation to a real-world process, so simple real-world modeling techniques apply when defining the model.
The view renders the contents of a model. It accesses enterprise data through the model and specifies how that data should be presented. It is the view’s responsibility to maintain consistency in its presentation when the model changes. This can be achieved by using a push model, where the view registers itself with the model for change notifications, or a pull model, where the view is responsible for calling the model when it needs to retrieve the most current data.
The controller translates interactions with the view into actions to be performed by the model. In a stand-alone GUI client, user interactions could be button clicks or menu selections, whereas in a Web application, they appear as GET and POST HTTP requests. The actions performed by the model include activating business processes or changing the state of the model. Based on the user interactions and the outcome of the model actions, the controller responds by selecting an appropriate view.

Note: You may have to view the following page with the source view as I am still looking for a good syntax highlighting plugin for my wordpress installation.

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